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Why I like Using Lists

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Why I like Using Lists

Post by Admin on Mon Mar 14, 2016 3:21 pm

Lists are my favourite and preferred way of packaging content that otherwise would run into lengthy sentences; boring and seemingly never-ending paragraphs. Also, the key points tend to get lost /hidden in blocks of text.
Human mind can process information quickly, easily, and efficiently when presented as a list as compared to content that is laid out in a bundled fashion.
Which menu is your mind intuitively drawn to?


I find using lists intuitive and makes me feel comfortable. Here are a few more reasons, why I find lists alluring:
1. Looks neat
2. Grabs attention
3. Great way to emphasize
4. Convey information in a crisp and clear way
5. Enhances readability / easy on the eye
6. Assimilate information quickly
7. Skim through the content
8. Helps user accomplish the tasks quickly
9. High retain and recall value
When to use Bulleted Lists and Numbered Lists?

Numbered Lists – Also called as Ordered Lists. Use numbered list when you want to convey information such as rules, instructions or steps that are performed sequentially.
Bulleted Lists – Also known as Unordered / Unnumbered Lists. Use bulleted list when you want to convey information that do not follow any order or sequence.

  • Introduce a list with a sentence that ends with a colon
  • List is in sync with the stem sentence or the leading sentence
  • Follow parallel structure
  • Be consistent about the format throughout the document
  • Begin each entry in the list with a uppercase or lowercase letter (it is your choice)
  • End each entry in the list with or without a period
  • If the bulleted list is running into 5 - 8 or more items, find a way to consolidate or split the list


  • Do not use a leading sentence such as  “The following steps…” followed by a numbered list
  • Do not use a leading sentence such as “ABC module comprises 4 sections...” followed by a bulleted list
  • Do not use a numbered list with procedures that begin with Task 1, Task 2
  • For example: 1. Task 1,    2. Task 2…
  • Avoid bulleted points with single item


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